Support song

We, Andy Martin and The Barefoot Man, candidates for the District of Owen Island, ask for your support in the upcoming election. Considering the present economical state of affairs we have no choice but to attempt a different campaign strategy than most other (more affluent) contestants.

Instead of requesting so much of radio stations’ air time with the usual promises made by other contenders or wasting ad space (which we can’t afford) we are asking the radio stations to play our latest recording titled The Election Song, which outlines our manifesto.

With heavy air play of our new release and extra press coverage it could become a huge local hit; should that happen we could do you some special favours once elected into office. Duty exempts, work permits, cocktail party invitations and more…whatever you need.

Enjoy the song and thank you for your support.

Andy Martin (The Cayman Cowboy)
G. Nowak (The Barefoot Man)