Good police work

I am visiting Grand Cayman. Earlier in the week, I purchased a bicycle so I could tour the sites during my stay. Yesterday, I parked the bike in the entrance vestibule of the condo complex where I am staying in Cayman. Shortly thereafter, I noticed my bike was missing. The manager of the condo called the police. In less than three hours, Police Inspector Best and Police Constable Charlery of the West Bay Police Station recovered my bike.

Often, it is easy to criticise the police. I am an assistant public defender in Chicago, working in the US’ largest criminal court system. It is my job to question and cross-examine police officers and police procedure in felony trial court. In my work, I have encountered bad police work and good police work.

In this case, Cayman can be proud of Inspector Best and Constable Charlery. They exemplify excellence in public service in their diligence, intelligence and courtesy. They are to be commended for their service.

Margaret Domin

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