Million Dollar Run rocks Kaibo

They came by car. They came by boat. But it seemed everyone was at Kaibo on Easter Monday for the Million Dollar Run.

Million Dollar Run

The girls of Team Powerplay celebrate their win in the crew competition. Photo: Eugene Bonthuys

Out on the water, pleasure boats cruised out closer to the race course to watch the boats zoom past, while closer to shore people enjoyed the excellent weather conditions on personal water craft.

On the beach the crowd was entertained by music as well as the team crews who were working hard to impress not only the crowd but also the judges.

The music, food and drink at Kaibo made for an excellent afternoon out, although many of those not out on the water were quick to seek out a spot in the shade.

The race was won by Andreas Ugland junior, with Andreas Ugland senior claiming second place.

Another integral part of the event, the poker draw, was won by the team of Lewis Ebanks, who seemed to have luck on their side as team member Craig Merren drew all the right cards, netting the team the best poker hand prize with a full house.

The most important part of the afternoon, at least as far as many members of the crowd were concerned, was the awarding of the best crew award. It was a hard-fought contest between the Candy Girls and Team Powerplay, but in the end it was Team Powerplay who won out.