Burglaries worry Fairbanks residents

There have been at least seven burglaries or attempted burglaries at apartments along Fairbanks Road within the past week.

At least one person has been arrested in connection with the break-ins but police believe there may be more suspects and that there have been more burglaries which simply haven’t been reported to officers.

‘The police take this situation extremely seriously and are following up a number of leads, including looking at a number of suspects,’ RCIPS spokesperson Deborah Denis said.

Residents in the area told the Caymanian Compass that two complexes in particular appear to be targeted in the break-ins.

The burglaries appear to be happening at all times of the day. In one incident, four apartments were broken into in broad daylight, in another on 15 April the suspect or suspects entered in the middle of the night while the family slept.

The Compass attempted to contact some of Fairbanks residents, but all declined to speak on the record because they feared retaliation by the burglary suspects.

Police said most of the burglars had broken into the residences through the back, away from the road. Some sliding glass doors had been jimmied open or broken, according to police.

Investigators urged anyone in the area whose home had been burgled to report the incident to police if they had not done so already.

‘It is important that police receive details of all offences that take place so that patterns can be identified,’ Ms Denis said.

RCIPS has also asked residents to make note of serial numbers on electronic devices or to take photographs of valuable items in case stolen goods are recovered by police.

It is an offence in the Cayman Islands to attempt to sell or purchase stolen goods.

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