Election FAQs

Although elections day is a public holiday there are electors who will be employed during the period the polls are being taken. Every employee must be given a reasonable period for voting and no employer shall make any deduction from the pay or other remuneration of any such employee or extract from him any penalty by reason of his absence during such period.

An electoral district is represented in the Legislative Assembly by the following number of elected members:

West Bay – four members

George Town – four members

Cayman Brac & Little Cayman – two members

Bodden Town – three members

North Side – one member

East End – one member

If you are serving a sentence of imprisonment (including a suspended sentence) which exceeds twelve months imposed on by a court in any part of the Commonwealth, the Constitution makes it quite clear that you do not qualify to be registered as an elector.

Sufficient polling stations have been appointed to accommodate a 100% turnout at the polls. There is really no need for electors to show up at polling stations all at once.

All electors on Little Cayman will again have an option to vote in person at a polling
station in the Cayman Brac West and Little Cayman polling division at the West End Primary School. A new option for the 2009 General Elections/Referendum is mobile voting. Electors on Little Cayman wishing to vote by mobile ballot are urged to immediately apply to be treated as an absent elector voting at a mobile station. Form BA can be obtained from the Post Office on Little Cayman, the registering officer on Cayman Brac (Mrs. Georgene Lazzari) or on the Elections Office’s website at www.electionsoffice.ky. Application forms will be accepted up until May 7th, after which the registering officers will not accept any further applications in compliance with the Elections Law, (2004 Revision).

According to Law you can vote only in one electoral district and at one polling station in the same electoral district. Your polling division will be assigned at the time of registration and you can only vote at a polling station within that polling division.

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