Gucci’s love for Jamaica

A man’s love for his daughter is a powerful thing.


Gucci with his daughter Jamaica. Photo: Submitted

That is what makes the relationship between Peter ‘Gucci’ Bodden and his daughter Jamaica Bodden so special.

Gucci, 39, brought in over $2000 in fundraising efforts in conjunction with the Achievement Centre P.T.A third annual fundraising walkathon recently.

Located by Red Bay Primary School, the scholastic centre essentially functions as pre-school, allowing children to attend from as early as nine months of age.

The amount of money Gucci contributed would prove to be the most funds raised by any one person in the fundraiser’s history.

It was not the first time Gucci (whose daughter attends the school) was involved with the event. He took part in it last year and also nabbed the top spot.

The aim of this year’s fundraiser was to generate funds towards the purchasing of playground equipment for the school’s kids and foster a stronger bond with parents and their children.

Gucci, however, did not need a fundraiser to establish a heart-warming bond with his daughter.

‘I can’t explain the feeling I have, though I know being honoured is big. My little girl and her peers are the youth of today. I’m glad I can once again do something meaningful for my little girl,’ said Gucci.

For his efforts the school gave his three year old daughter a Nintendo Wii video game console, which according to Gucci she rarely puts down.

As Gucci sits back and watches Jamaica play her video games he reminisced about the work he put into raising the funds.

‘I took it upon myself to fill out 10 sponsorship forms. I went to lawyers, doctors, everybody. People that didn’t know me gave me $25, $50 at one time.’

The happiness he brought his daughter will stay with him for the rest of his life. ‘I don’t think anyone is going to raise that kind of money in the next 10 years,’ he says.

Gucci makes his living as a dancer. His latest gigs were for Cayfest where he took part in dance routines at the Harquail Theater that spanned genres such as break- and belly-dancing, and salsa.

Gucci developed much of his passion for dancing during his childhood days in Jamaica. While there he maintained a strong bond with his father, which he credits as the source for his parenting.

‘I’m continuing the tradition of my parents and my father because he stood by me growing up. I want my daughter to feel good that her father will stand by her through it all.’

Ultimately no matter where life takes Gucci and Jamaica there is no denying that their bond can stand the test of time.

‘All I know is, come what may, my daughter is the one who keeps my heart pumping and keeps me going.

‘Every man can have a child but not every man is going to be a father. Being there for my daughter is what I will do with the strength from the Almighty God.’