Important information on constitution

It came to my attention recently that the cover letter dated 10 February, 2009, that Ian Hendry, the leader of the UK Constitutional Reviw Team sent to Kurt Tibbetts with the text of the draft constitution and other draft letters, was not included in the package of constitutional material made available to the public by the Constitutional Review Secretariat.

However, the cover letter, which was made available to the negotiators and a copy of which I enclose, contains important statements and implications.

The letter, which is also on this page from Mr. Hendry, says about the accompanying documents that they ‘represent the political agreement reached at the constitutional modernisation talks held at Lancaster House.’

The letter goes on to say:

‘If so approved and enacted, the draft new Constitution will represent a modern and more democratic constitutional settlement between the Cayman Islands and the United Kingdom, reflecting our relationship of partnership in the 21st Century, and in terms that are acceptable to both the Cayman Islands and the United Kingdom. The continuation of that relationship is a matter of mutual consent, and I believe the draft new constitution will form a sound and modern basis for our mutual cooperation, in which there is a fair balance between greater local autonomy and the powers necessary to enable the United Kingdom to meet its responsibilities.’

The gravity of that statement can hardly be overemphasised.

Reverend Nicholas Sykes