Meals on Wheels to launch awareness month

Meals on Wheels, which delivers over 36,000 meals per year to the elderly people of Grand Cayman, are launching their fund-raising Awareness Month in June.

The purpose of the Awareness Month is to raise the profile of Meals on Wheels throughout the community.

Meals on Wheels is the brain child of Beulah McField, who still manages the operation, and who with the help of volunteers delivers meals to the elderly in George Town, Bodden Town, East End and Breakers for the past 12 years.

Food is prepared daily in each of the localities, and delivered to over 160 worthy recipients on a daily basis.

Meals on Wheels have over the years been generously supported in particular by the three Rotary Clubs and by Bank Austria, in addition to a grant from Government. When Bank Austria merged, the crucial support that they had previously given disappeared, leaving the charity in need of more assistance.

‘We are now looking to broaden the awareness of what we do within the community, in order to bring in financial support from a wider base,’ said Julian Black, Chairman of the charity. ‘This is the reason behind the Awareness Month.’

Keen to emphasize that the support from Rotary on the Island remains absolutely pivotal to the on-going viability of the delivery of meals, Mr Black explained that this publicity campaign is in no way a substitution of that key support.

‘Meals on Wheels are keen to open up the delivery of meals in West Bay in the next six months. However, our current resources are not sufficient to enable us to do that, and we are currently struggling to keep our existing Programmes funded,’ he said. ‘Our budget for the year is approximately $144,000 per annum.’

Explaining that everyone can get involved Mr Black said, ‘The cost of a meal is $4.00, anyone that can contribute towards this target is more than welcome to do so.’ He continued, ‘We are cognizant of the fact that there are a lot of organizations now chasing each charity dollar, but we are confident that Meals on Wheels is sufficiently grounded to bring such basic welfare to the community that it will garner support.’

The organization has a number of key supporters, and special mention for their past contributions should goes to, amongst others, Genesis Trust, Deloitte, Ogier, Optical Outlook, Jacques Scott, CUC and The Royal Bank of Canada. However, the charity deems it important to highlight that corporate donations are valuable but that the appeal associated with the Awareness Week is to individuals as well as to companies.

‘We have a number of individuals who make modest monthly contributions. These types of contributions add up, and go a long way to feed the elderly and infirm of Grand Cayman,’ said Mr Black.