Pay cuts may help

Pay cuts for politicians have generated a lot of debate over the years. There have been strong arguments both for and against.

One of the problems in requiring politicians to take a pay cut may result in irresistible desires to accept bribes in cash or kind and engage in public corruption at various levels. Of course much would depend to a great extent on the individual’s level of personal integrity, his ideals, and a total commitment to serve in the office to which he was elected. Also to be considered is whether there is any known current corruption in government.

It may be a bit difficult to arrive at an acceptable consensus at such a policy to reduce politicians’ salaries and financial benefits. However, if there is strong feeling and sentiment by the electorate, and each politician’s willingness to take a pay cut, then this could be a good idea.

With the need to reduce waste and government spending, a 10 or possible 15 per cent pay cut for elected politicians could save government tens of thousands of dollars annually. Such a move might even help to stimulate the economy.
Geoff Daniels