MEPCO enters construction industry

A new company officially launched last week aims to create a unified, one-point-of-contact team for the provision of a variety of construction services.

mepco enters

MEPCOs leadership includes, from left, partners James Laurenson and Mike Brown, and General Managers Jack Kaufmann. Photo: Alan Markoff

MEPCO Ltd. formed from an alliance of Mike’s Ice, Alba Electrical and BPC Ltd. The new company will offer mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection contracting services all under one roof.

Partner Mike Brown said MEPCO would serve customers with top quality, cost effective and totally integrated MEP solutions.

‘MEPCO has been formed as we have been approached by various members of the construction industry to create a company like this, delivering an all-encompassing bid package, coupled with the experience, professionalism and integrity that the industry requires,’ Mr. Brown told the various construction industry professionals attending the launch party. ‘Developers, architects and general contractors have told us they need us to deliver their competitive edge and the company was formed with this mission in mind.’

Mr. Brown said that the MEPCO alliance entities – Mike’s Ice, Alba Electrical and BPC – are still operating separately and will continue to offer the services they always have at their separate locations.

‘We look forward to forging a stronger relationship with every one of you, starting right now,’ Mr. Brown said. ‘The concept has been well received and, indeed, we have won our first job.’

Partner James Laurenson said MEPCO’s ability to provide one point of contact throughout the construction process was a key element of the company.

‘During the bid process, the biggest hurdle I imagine the general contractors and contract managers have is determining if they have a full, complete and compliant bid for all the individual MEP disciplines and that the typical grey areas and overlaps are covered by one or the other of those disciplines,’ he said. ‘With the complexities involved in today’s MEP technology, this is becoming increasingly more difficult for you guys to determine.

‘With an all-encompassing MEP, those concerns are addressed.’

Mr. Laurenson said on-site coordination of an integrated MEP venture ensures no hidden costs and charges because MEPCO will take on the responsibility of coordinating the installation between all disciples.

‘I am sure most of you could quote examples of those costs from past experiences with individual disciplines, and will concur with the fact that these can sometimes end up being considerable amounts of money.’

MEPCO General Manager Jack Kaufmann said the integrated coordination of multiple disciplines would start during the tender process.

‘This allows the general contractors, architects, engineers and owners to address the numerous issues that may arise before the project is mobilised, and minimises the amount of potential conflict in the field,’ he said.

Mr. Kaufman said the MEPCO would provide clients with a very professional, organised and simple communication process that can be modified to fit any project dynamic.

‘The MEPCO management team is very disciplined and committed to providing results and these results will show our clients and the Cayman construction community a product that they have never seen before and one which is long overdue,’ he said.