School celebrates milestone

Cayman Prep and High School celebrated a milestone last Thursday, 30 April, with its 60th anniversary.

Launching an Open House day, where parents were invited to tour the school and attend various concerts and performances throughout the day, the school day began with an assembly which welcomed back some familiar faces to the school’s hall.

Michael Bowerman, a former principal of Cayman Prep and High School for 25 years, spoke at the morning assembly of his memories of the school and how he had enjoyed meeting former students who had found success in their adult lives. He also recalled the school’s 50th anniversary 10 years ago, which was also his last year as principal.

His message to the students was that, at the end of the day, accountability and one’s character are of much greater import than being extremely wealthy or the president of a company.

Other anecdotes Mr. Bowerman shared included memories of the old Prep school buildings with the rubber tree in the front yard. The school’s motto – ‘Let your light so shine’ – was also alluded to with the reiteration of the importance of being of good character first and foremost.

Reverend Dave Hazell, the school’s chaplain and the reverend at Elmslie Memorial Church, also spoke to the gathered students and parents.

Throughout the day the school’s steel band impressed all with their performances under the front gazebo, including the neighbouring John Gray High School students who were on breaks.

At 11am, a concert was held which featured performances by the school’s orchestra, band, brass band, chamber choir, recorder group, flute group and choir. The principal of the high school, Sheila Purdom, congratulated the efforts of both the students and the Music teachers, and applauded the students’ sacrifices that contributed to their musical talent.

‘Well done for practising at break times and lunch times when your friends were out playing,’ said Ms Purdom. ‘That dedication pays off.’

Drama performances were also held in the school hall at 1pm and were followed by a netball match between the school’s Dynamics team and the well-known All-Stars. Dynamics, having been beat only once in the past three years, continued its winning streak with a victory of 21-6.

Cayman Prep and High School Director Mike McGrath summarised the sentiment of the school on reflection of this milestone:

‘After 60 successful years, the school is alive and well and still on the cutting edge of education.’