Always remember the past

As a Caymanian, I would like to take this opportunity to remind my fellow Caymanians of a few facts.

Listening to and reading the letters of the fault finders reminds me of the Garden of Eden where Adam blamed his wife and his wife blamed the serpent. Let me begin with the election; when it was time for elections the seamen came home to vote. The candidates did not stand on the platform and criticise each other, neither did the voters make a point of saying who they were going to vote for. So who put them in also took them out. Blaming the government only began when a new generation decided to run and started to offer incentives for votes. That is when problems began.

Today we are blaming the government, the Governor and the police for everything. Why? We have don it all ourselves. I remember like today no matter what the law said we shouldn’t do, someone complained about it. Every four years, when it is time for election, they blame the current government. If the last people who were in could not run it, what makes them think that they can do it this time? New candidates should always remember that it is easy to criticise shortcomings from outside the system but much more difficult to actually solve those problems from the inside.

Caymanians of the soil are a big family but too many of us want to be chief. We never stop and think where we came from and how hard our mothers and grandmothers had to work to help build these islands up while the fathers and husbands risked their lives on the ocean. You may say that that is the past, but we had better not forget. So many people thought that the Cayman Islands would always be flourishing, but look at what is facing us now. When there is nothing else left, who then will want to be chief?

Velma Herod