Query about wheel clamping

I would like to comment on a recent letter in the paper on wheel c lamping.

Some time ago I too was confronted with the same experience.

I parked my vehicle at a business that had a small sign on the wall of the building (tucked in the corner, under the eve). Naturally, I did not see the sign and in my opinion it should have been visible in the parking spots.

I was away from my car not even five minutes when I realised my wheel was locked. There were plenty of other empty parking spots so it was obvious the property owner locked my wheel out of sheer spite or greed. After explaining that I did not see the sign and apologising he insisted that I pay the full penalty. Apparently this has happened to others as I now see several new signs have been posted in the same parking area since my occurrence.

My question is, do all these people have the required and necessary trade and business licenses to transact and conduct that particular type of business? I suspect that many of these property owners do not have the proper authority to collect penalties and are simply taking the law into their own hands.

Celina Dilbert