Crime disliked most in modern Cayman

Crime is the most disliked aspect of modern Cayman, according to results of the most recent online poll.

Of the 873 respondents to the poll, 328 (37.6 per cent) said they disliked crime the most.

‘I was thinking for a period I was living in the Bronx again,’ said one person.

Another 186 respondents (21.3 per cent) said high prices were the aspect of modern Cayman they disliked most.

‘The cost of living is a killer,’ said one person. ‘Regulation of the insurance industry for overall lower premiums has been swept under the mat and the cost of electricity is still mind boggling.’

‘The prices are highway robbery here,’ said someone else.

The lack of social harmony was the aspect of modern Cayman disliked most by 141 respondents (16.2 per cent).

‘I believe this poses the most significant threat to the future of these islands,’ said one person.

‘If you mean racism by lack of social harmony, then yes,’ said someone else.

Ninety-four people (10.8 per cent) said a materialistic tendency in modern Cayman was the aspect they disliked most.

‘With all the modern stuff, it’s not a pristine island anymore,’ said one person. ‘It’s fast becoming a tourist trap.’

Traffic received the votes of 69 people (7.9 per cent) as the aspect they disliked most in modern Cayman.

‘I still think the crime is relatively low, but the traffic situation is maddening,’ said one person.

Fifty-five people (6.3 per cent) dislike other aspects of modern Cayman most.

‘The rollover policy,’ said one person. ‘To have put so much into one country and then be told to leave… everything you have worked for.’

Other aspects of modern life receiving votes were: anti-expat sentiments; high-rise condominiums; over development; bigotry; party politics; and. rudeness.