NCVO reports on previous year

The National Council for Voluntary Organisations elected Executive Committee members for 2009/10 at its AGM recently.

According to the NCVO release, the April 28 meeting included a report on the previous year by the Chairman Garry Wilkins, Board member since 1988.

He reported that the NCVO had matched income to expenditure in the 12 months to date ‘thanks to a wonderful response from the general public to our Radio/Telethon appeal.

‘In November 2008 we raised CI$120,000 ($100,000 – 2007 and $84,000 – 2006). To this we continue to receive support from the financial services industry, despite the global financial meltdown,’ he added.

Mr. Wilkins outlined NCVO achievements during the year in terms of pres-school and Foster Home projects and advised that the Home was currently at capacity with 10 children.

In terms of staff and students, he said that the Foster Home had ‘seen a considerable turnover in both children and staff this year.

The Chairman said: ‘It is very pleasing to note that many of the children have been reunited with family members and that most of the present group have been with us for a relatively short time’.

Speaking of the financial assistance the NCVO had given, he said: ‘We continue to assist the less fortunate citizens with donations from our Caring Cousins Scheme; small amounts individually but totalling some $ 15,000 during the year.

‘The John Gray Fund provided US$20,000 to 10 students to cover supplementary expenses related to tertiary educational scholarships.

Mr. Wilkins reported on the comments made by the Board following a request for feedback from the Law Reform Commission on the new Charities Bill.

He noted that the feedback had stated that ‘current sections might adversely affect our ability to raise funds or provide services’. The Chairman noted that ‘these have been acknowledged by the Commission. [And that] further progress advice is awaited.’

The AGM was also advised that the NCVO would now benefit from discounted travel with Cayman Airways on its Miles Ahead Programme. He explained that mileage donations from CAL’s clients would offset travel expenses for the foster children’s summer vacations to CAL destinations.

The Chairman thanked staff and volunteers as well as a host of businesses that had supported the NCVO ‘during these uncertain times’. Acknowledgements were given to contributors in both the private and public sectors. Mr. Wilkins also thanked the general public for its support of the various fundraising activities undertaken by the NCVO, the Pink Ladies, the churches and schools throughout the year.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Wilkins was given a gift and a certificate of appreciation in acknowledgment of his 10 year plus service as Chairman of the NCVO.

For more information on the NCVO, visit or contact Janice Wilson, CEO on 949-2124.