Camana Bay’s next!

The Cayman Open squash tournament was an unqualified success and the biggest news coming out of it is that there will be an even bigger tournament next year.


Kelly shocked the Caribbean champion, Cumberbatch. Photo: Submitted

It will be held at Camana Bay, nestled in a spectacular glass case.

Tournament director Dan Kneipp is thrilled. He said: ‘We have spoken a lot about the dream of hosting the 2010 event on a glass court, and how the it will be the vehicle that allows us to offer free squash to Cayman juniors.

‘We are extremely pleased to announce that Camana Bay has confirmed that they’ll not only
be a major sponsor for the 2010 event, but also the site sponsor. We’ll place a 4-sided glass court with tiered seating at Camana Bay’s Crescent, on the water’s edge surrounded by palm trees. There will be a lot more details on this, but we are ecstatic to partner with Camana Bay to make this event possible.’

Camana Bay Director of Sales John Hillman said: ‘This is a super cause to get behind. We’re thrilled to be the hosts next year. Until 10 days ago I’d never even been on a squash court and after agreeing to Dan’s requests, I can honestly say that I’m upright again and still okay with my decision.’

The inaugural Cayman Open has been lauded by the world’s top women players who competed in it and many of the Caribbean’s men and women.

The women’s world No.1 Nicol David of Malaysia is so enthralled with Cayman that she tried to rearrange her flight to stay an extra day but could not because she has a tournament in Texas next week.

Cayman had three semi-finalists in the men’s competition on Saturday night – Dean Watson, Cameron Stafford and Jake Kelly.

Kelly’s achievement was the best. He beat the Caribbean champion Gavin Cumberbatch from Barbados.

The finals were played last night at the South Sound Squash Club.