End Mount Trashmore

I hope these pictures of Mount Trashmore open the eyes of everyone.

Another four years?

This sounds like a nice way of saying I’m not too worried about this why waste my time.

My parents have always told me not to put off for tomorrow what can be done today. In this case it needed to be done yesterday. This is an eyesore, cruise ship passengers get the best view but other visitors to the Island see this as well because they have to drive right past it to get to their hotels.

That ratty green tarp along the bypass would have to be a lot higher to hide that mess. Whatever happened to the aluminium can recycling programme that was going on when I was in school? That was a good start.

Maybe instead of wasting money on investigations that turn up nothing and then having to pay millions of dollars to those persons who were inconvenienced, the government could have spent that money on a solution to this growing problem.

I hope that in four years the problem will be fixed not just being looked into. I call on the people that are voted into government in this election to have this problem solved soon.

Things like this are what the people of this country need, not these investigations or cruise ship docks that will only harm our beautiful Island more.

Jonathan Rivers