Welcome to the market

Please allow me the opportunity to welcome MEPCO to the market as an MEP Contractor (See 6th May, 2009 edition)

Unfortunately, Mr. Kaufman is reported as having said that MEPCO is the first in these islands to see the light on this issue which is not true. Androgroup Ltd. has been operating as a single MEP company since November 2000 when its predeccessor Andro Electric Co. Ltd. acquired CAC Engineering Ltd. and Cayman Refrigeration Co. Ltd.

Mr. Laurenson left Androgroup Ltd. in 2001 after 12 years ostensibly because he didn’t think the MEP model that we were pursuing could work. He formed Alba Electrical Contractors with Mr. Brown as his local partner.

Mr. Laurenson obtained his Caymanian Status in 2004.

Mike’s Ice, Alba and BPC have been offering MEP services operating as an association of related companies since 2001 but with different shareholdings for each company.

The nearly complete Walkers Building is an example of a project that their companies worked on together.

Perhaps the Walker’s job has illuminated for these gentlemen that the competing interests of the electrical and mechanical trades can only be effectively and profitably coordinated when there is common shareholding throughout the group and a common profit centre for a successful team to share.

BritHay, whose principals are also former Androids, has similarly followed our lead toward integrated MEP contracting as it constructs the MEP Works for the new Government Admin Building with McAlpine Ltd.

I am sincere in welcoming both of those new MEP contracting companies into our sandbox. It is always good for an industry when there is good competition between two or three qualified and experienced rivals.

One might think that my experience in growing competitors from expatriate former employees might lead me to be a supporter of the rollover policy, but I am not. It is a bad policy that forces a short term view upon an essential sector of the islands labour resources, forces additional expense and disruption on to entrepreneurial Caymanian businesses and leads to both financial and human capital flight. It needs to be repealed.

Alan Roffey – Chief Executive Androgroup Ltd.