Netting a liquid sponsor

The Water Authority recently made a $1,500 donation to the Cayman Islands Netball Association that will be used towards the hiring of a temporary specialty coach.

In a press release, the Water Authority said the coach will concentrate on assisting the youth of the Cayman Islands in improving their skills both as individual players and as team players.

Water Authority Director, Dr. Gelia Frederick-van Genderen commented: ‘The Water Authority is thrilled to support the CINA which provides the youth of the Cayman Islands with leadership, encouragement and team building proficiency along with a wide range of skills in the great sport of Netball.

‘This is an excellent opportunity for our Netball teams to utilise the expertise of the new specialized coach to improve their individual and team skills,’ she said. ‘We wish the CINA a fun and successful Netball season.’

George Town MLA and Netball enthusiast Lucille Seymour said when the private sector partners with sports organisations the results are outstanding in the development of young people.

‘The youth love sports and sports builds character. This relationship must sustain and increase so that more pro-social activities in particular programmes can be developed for children and young people in these islands,’ she said.

‘I have been working in sports as a community volunteer all my adult life and to me its influence is comparable to good parenting. I thank the Water Authority-Cayman for its contributions which aid in the social transformation of our youth,’ she said.