UDP announces proposed cabinet

The United Democratic Party, fresh off their victory in the General Elections Wednesday, announced its proposed Cabinet late Thursday afternoon.

McKeeva Bush will once again take the reins as the leader of government business, taking charge of finance, tourism and planning. Rolston Anglin will be appointed as interim deputy leader and will be responsible for education, training and labour. Mike Adam will be appointed the minister in charge of social services and housing and Mark Scotland will take over the ministry of health services and sports.

Juliana O’Connor-Connolly will be the minister responsible for district administration and works.

The UDP will also be recommending Mary Lawrence as the speaker of the house and Cline Glidden as the deputy speaker.

At the press briefing at the party’s national headquarters, Mr. Bush said Ellio Solomon, as a backbencher, will be assisting with housing and E-business. And another backbencher, Ezzard Miller, will be responsible for the Health Services Authority.

The cabinet postings, which are subject to approval by the governor, are expected to be confirmed this week said Mr. Bush.

He is also requesting the swearing-in ceremony to be held on the steps of the Legislative Assembly building and plans to include the leader of the opposition.

In his role as the leader of government business, Mr. Bush said his first priority was to get the economy back on track and will be meeting with the leaders in the offshore finance and tourism sector next Thursday.

Acknowledging the possibility that the PPM would contest the elections results for UDP members Mark Scotland and John John Seymour, Mr. Bush called for unity between the two party systems.

‘The people have spoken loudly,’ said Mr. Bush. ‘We have seen enough court cases and they have gotten us nowhere,’ adding that if it does go to court, a judge is unlikely to overturn the results.