Vivendi slug their way home

Sometimes in sports luck is better than skill.

In tight games the difference often comes down to who can get the ball to bounce their way.

Last Tuesday the Field of Dreams in George Town witnessed that theory come to reality.

The final for the B division of the Winter Adult Co-Ed Softball League saw a thriller of a game between Vivendi Cabaret and PWC Experience.

Both teams had varying roads to the final. Vivendi came into the season as relative unknowns but dazzled all in the Silver Thatch division coming out on top with an 8-4 record.

From there they flashed more magic in the playoffs. They took out Citi Insomniacs 12-4 before crushing the Ritz-Carlton Royal Jesters 17-6.

PWC meanwhile struggled in the loaded Banana Orchid division, finishing at just 6-6. In the playoffs though, they came to life in a big way. They beat Flour 9-8 in their first game before pulling off a pair of huge upsets.

First they beat down Banana Orchid division winner Maples Sluggers 25-11 before taking down division rival and sudden powerhouse CML 9-6.

In the final between PWC and Vivendi at first it seemed it would be no contest. PWC came out swinging in the first five innings. Flag football stars Chris Moser, Justin Miller and Craig Smith powered the side to a double-digit score in the first four innings.

In fact by the bottom of the fifth inning PWC had a commanding 16-5 lead.

However Vivendi were not dead and buried yet as Robert Harris, Molly-Ann Moore and company rallied back with a handful of runs.

The game though would change drastically in the sixth inning. PWC continued to pour it on with three extra runs in the top half of the inning. However the defense fell asleep in the bottom half with a plethora of uncharacteristic errors in the field.

The result would be seven runs poured and the game was tight for the first time as the score read 19-12 going into the bottom of the seventh.

That is when the drama unfolded. With runners on first and third and two out and the score reading 19-18, Jeremy Miller of Vivendi came to bat. Miller then lined a shot to left-center that got by the outfielders. The fielders would recover and send the ball into the infield at third.

A close ending would emerge as the third baseman caught the ball and dived to tag base-runner Molly-Ann Moore. Apparently he missed and Moore ran by him and onto to home plate to score the winning run.

The final score would read Vivendi Cabaret 20, PWC Experience 19. With the win Vivendi are promoted to the A league while PWC will stay in the B league next season.

Vivendi co-captain Rob Harris spoke about his team’s performance in the championship game.

‘I’m so proud of how we came back against a superb team like PWC. We could have just given up early and said it wasn’t our night. We had such a great season, only suffering a couple losses while posting 8 wins in the B league.

‘Timely hitting and a never die attitude gave us the edge in the final. Hats off to PWC, they played a heck of a game. We know the feeling they have, we lost last season 6-5 in the championship game, but that just made us all the more hungry to win the next time around. I’m pretty certain they will be back in the championship game next season again.

‘Unfortunately, we have to move up one division now and go to the A league, so we’ll have to hear about them in the Caymanian Compass.’

With Tuesday’s game in the books, the overall champions see Home Gas (for the fifth time) in the A league, Vivendi Cabaret in the B league and Julius Baer in the C league (who are now promoted to the B league).

Co-Ed Softball Organizer Alan Markoff felt the playoffs and the season on the whole went well.

‘I’m very pleased with the turnouts we had for all of the games. All of the teams played well and congratulations to the winners. I hope to see everyone back next season healthy and excited to play.’