Gillie seeks cash boost

The National Under-23 Football Team will represent the Cayman Islands when they travel to Cleveland, Ohio.

They will take part in the AC Milan Continental Cup from July 2-5.

As one of the fastest growing international youth football tournaments, the AC Milan Continental Cup will provide the Caymanian athletes the opportunity to play competitively against quality teams from around the world, with about 20 per cent of the participating teams representing countries outside of the United States.

‘Playing in this tournament is a great opportunity for these disciplined and hard-working young men to show the quality football skills they have developed since they formed a team in July 2007,’ said coach Gillie Seymour. ‘With 13 games played locally (7 wins and 6 draws) and 40 goals under their belt, it’s clear that they have the potential to win the Cup.’

With less than two months to prepare for their trip, the team is challenged to raise the funds to cover their expenses.

Car washes, teen jams, local matches and other fund raising efforts have been organized however, meeting the $36,000 budget will prove to be a challenge.

‘I recognize that we are in a difficult economic climate and businesses are seeking ways to cut back costs in a range of creative ways. However, the AC Milan Continental Cup is more than just a football tournament to many – if not all – of the players,’ said Gillie.

‘With a number of top college scouts attending such a large tournament as this one, it is also a chance for them to receive full scholarships to further their education – a prospect that could only be a dream came true for them.

‘Each player’s estimated expenses are CI$1,600, inclusive of their airfare, accommodations and meals. While it is encouraged that those corporations interested in financially supporting the team sponsor an athlete for the full cost, smaller donations of $500 are also greatly appreciated.’

For more information about supporting the CIFA U-23 team, contact Team Managers Antwan Seymour at 925-8351/ [email protected] or Owen Dinnall at 525-8874.