Refs impress as RAP stars

Director of the Federation Internationle de Football Association RAP Instructors Ramesh Ramdhan has commented on how knowledgeable the Cayman Islands Referees Association members were of the laws of the games in comparison to other Caribbean islands he had visited administrating the course.

Ramdhan made these comments at the end of the Referee Assistant Programme five-day course which was administrated by him and two other instructors namely Peter Prendergast and Meree Gonzales.

Ramdhan said: ‘This group of referees is very knowledge as it relates to the laws of the game. I make this comment based on my finding in other countries. They are a good bunch of Referees and only need to improve on their physical abilities.

‘With the obvious drive and determination demonstrated by these men and the tools they have, all they need to do is train at least twice per week to improve their technical field work. As long as the instructors work hard with the group and get the training going to continue the development program with these officials the Cayman Islands will be among the best in referring soon.

‘Kenville Holder did exceptionally well doing 12 laps comfortably. I was also impressed by Nolan Foster, Swanson Owen and Sharon Collins’ performance during the course. I have recommended Owen to be trained as a referee as opposed to his present role as an assistant referee.’

Ramdhan added that Tim McCarthy had great resources which he could utilize in assisting with the development of refs on the island. Fred Spiers he pointed out was doing an outstanding job with the referees in his capacity as an instructor.

‘I have recommended Alfredo Whittaker, Livingston Bailey and Fred Speirs to be participants in the Referees Instructors Course scheduled for August of this year in Jamaica. This RAP course here in the Cayman Islands was a success and we as instructors have achieved our objectives.’

FIFA assistant Referee and Vice President of CIRA Livingston Bailey welcomed the RAP instructors to the islands and said that it was well attended by the group over the five day period.

Bailey said: ‘The content of the course provided participants with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with new dimensions of the laws of the game as it relates to interpretation and application of the laws. Integrated field exercises were conducted to enhance the practical application where participants had to interpret the occurrence and determine the right course of action.

‘We are delighted that CIRA members completed the course and we look forward to seeing more positive interpretations and applications of the laws of the game in our local football games.’

Bailey added that the theoretical and practical sessions that the CIRA members were exposed to on the FIFA Fitness test on day four of the course results were quite remarkable and some participants exceeded the instructors’ expectations.