Ticket those who don’t signal

Although you must see many letters like this, I would like to vent my frustration at the appalling standard of driving in my country.

More specifically, I find it ridiculous that the majority of drivers seem to feel that their indicator lights/ turn signals are merely a requirement for passing annual inspection. I can see only four reasons why somebody would not use their signals:

1. Their lights are broken. In this case hand signals would suffice until they can make their way as directly as possible to a garage or auto-parts store to obtain replacements (not just the week prior to inspection).

2. They are ignorant of the rules of the road. In which case they should not be driving at all and should not have been issued a Cayman driving license in the first place.

3. They are just plain inconsiderate. This would seem the strangest of all on an Island with a largely Christian population where consideration for one’s fellow man should be fairly high on the list of priorities.

4. The conversation they are having on the phone is just more important. See number 3 above.

Since it is illegal not to use a turn signal in any other developed country the same rule must surely apply here. Why is the law not enforced? Is it too much to ask that if the police hand out tickets for speeding that they also start ticketing offenders who do not indicate?

If an officer could write out one ticket per minute for, let’s say, $70 that would total $21 000 in five hours! What a way to kick-start spending in a depressed economy! There are plenty of inconsiderate drivers to make this an achievable goal.

For those who feel similarly strongly about this matter I propose that when a vehicle cuts in front of you or brakes heavily for a turn without giving you any indication, look for a company logo.

If you see one, put that company on your ‘I’m not a customer’ list. If it is a government vehicle, take the time to make a phone call later in the day. There is no excuse for dangerous driving, it is pure selfishness and completely inexcusable.

Yours in frustration,

Ollen Miller