Waiting to learn the truth

The Caymanian Compass article captioned Kernohan sues Governor, dated 27 May, 2009, referenced.

It is with extreme reticence that I write in response to the statements proffered by Mr. Kernohan’s purported public relations spokesperson.

For the last 15 months, I have laboured privately with the shock and disbelief since first learning of the reprehensible and egregious acts that were brought against me by the former Commissioner of Police et al; acts that I consider a grave injustice as I had indicated in an email to Mr. Kernohan shortly after learning of the events. Why?

Likewise I am eager to know the full extent of all the actions involved, their actions and their motivation; although I have a compelling working theory as to the latter.

Additionally, I am eager to know, inter alia, the following:

• Why were warrants and letters of suspension put forward against me?

• Before engaging Scotland Yard at significant expense to the Cayman Islands taxpayers, why weren’t certain basic investigative techniques undertaken that could have easily established that the allegations were false or rubbish?

• Mr. Kernohan was aware of civil action that I had instructed attorneys to take against Mr. Seales to who it was alleged that I was involved in a persistent corrupt relationship with; having this knowledge, which he and I exchanged formal letters on; why, therefore, when this six-months clandestine investigation was launched against me the FCO and the London Metropolitan Police Service were not told of this?

As a consequence of these actions, including local and international media reports, my career will be defined indefinitely by these events and any opportunities to seek employment here or abroad potentially will be in jeopardy since a simple Google search will reveal these events and while I, too, was exonerated it will make any prospect of employment very precarious.

Finally, I too have not had an apology from anyone and my family and I have suffered from an unwarranted and ill-advised investigation and we too look forward to have the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

Anthony Ennis