dms prepared for hurricane season

With another potentially active hurricane season forecast for 2009, dms Organization Ltd. and its subsidiary and affiliate companies are ensuring its businesses, employees and interests are protected. Staff training and preparedness are of top priority in dms’ well-established hurricane plan.

dms prepared

dms Crisis Management Team (L to R) Karen Kersey, Richard Harrison, Tara Tvedt-Pearson, Sacha Didier, Krista Pell.

The plan, developed in conjunction with Brac Informatics Centre, is led by dms’ Crisis Management Team. The trained and practiced CMT was established in 2005 to effectively minimize the outcome a significant crisis might have; the aim is to minimize business disruption and restore operations as quickly as possible when dealing with various threats.

The CMT has enacted this thorough plan for all dms companies including BrightIdeas Marketing, dms Broadcasting (96.5 CAYROCK, HOT 104.1, 106.1 KISS FM, X107.1), dms Corporate Services, dms Management, dms Properties, Offshore Business Solutions, and Saxon Administration.

The plan provides a management template for all hurricane procedures and protocols, establishing a foundation for increased resilience and effective response in order to protect and preserve dms’ business operations, interests and reputation.

The plan has a series of procedures, checklists and actions to help with preparations in preseason; actions to prepare and mitigate risk in the event of an upcoming hurricane strike; and lists to help businesses work through the recovery efforts for post strike and no strike, through the short and long-term phases of restoring operations. dms has invested significant resources in its plan and supplements this with regular review and testing.

The BIC partnership also enables dms to protect its information, store media off-site, and to maintain online backup and recovery, offshore co-location and managed services. BIC also provides dms with regular advisories regarding alerts, watches and warnings on all tropical storms and hurricanes in the Caribbean basin.

To ensure limited business interruption in the event of a hurricane, dms has established alternate office operations, as well as remote connectivity from employee homes as well as abroad.

Another crucial part of the plan is communication, both internally and externally. It includes email and website message templates for clients and suppliers in case of a business interruption or relocation. dms employees also have access to some of the plan information as well as personal preparation tips via the company’s intranet site. During the hurricane season, the CMT communicates frequently with employees via text messages with BIC hurricane updates.

‘With the season upon us, it is important that we are proactive in our preparations rather than reactive. Though we have a well-established plan in place, sometimes we have to adapt to circumstances as they present themselves,’ said CMT Chairperson Karen Kersey.

‘Being prepared means working through various ‘what if’ scenarios in an effort to be adaptable while also having a plan to execute the best course of action. Preparedness and communication are key.’

dms’ CMT and business unit managers have received ongoing hurricane-preparation training over the last three years, as well as rallied together volunteer employees to assist in various roles throughout the conglomerate upon execution of the plan.

Every year, dms’ CMT continues to ensure that the procedures and protocols are updated and refined in response to experiences endured each successive hurricane season.

‘Our team is vigilant about capturing and effecting ‘lessons learned’, thereby ensuring that company crisis plans are valid and up to date,’ said Ms. Kersey.

‘After each execution of the plan, we solicit feedback from managers and staff and meet to review how we can evolve the plan to be even more effective next time around.’

Commented President of dms president Don Seymour noted that the safety of dms employees is a top priority,

‘Communication is paramount to ensuring this. It is important that we keep our staff members informed and provide assurances that the appropriate measures are in place and that we have made all of the necessary advance preparations,’ he said.

As hurricane season approaches, Mr. Seymour added, ‘fundamental to ensuring the plan’s success, and everyone’s safety through a storm, is that we all take our personal preparations seriously.’

dms Organization is a business conglomerate engaged in the financial services, real estate and media industries.