Scouts fly high

The third annual Scouts Kite Extravaganza went off without a hitch this past weekend, as children and parents turned out to brandish their kites and display a bit of aerobatics.

kite flying

A father helps his son get ready for flight.

In addition to kite flying, participants were treated to games and entertainment, courtesy of Scout Executive Commissioner Winston Hayle and Scout Leader Wayne Brown.

Awards were also given for a variety of special kites.

Persons claiming awards included Chayce Jones, who won a helicopter ride for best homemade kite in the adult category, while Yaser Watler won a $100 starter account at CNB in the children’s category for best homemade kite.

The biggest kite award in the adult category went to Wayne Brown, who received a $50 gift certificate at AL Thompson’s and Brandon Buckley, who took home the award for the biggest kite for a child, received a one hour kayak ride from Red Sail Sports.

Awards in the smallest kite section included a Champion House dinner for two awarded to adult Sylvia Carter and two tickets to the Hollywood Theatre for the youngster in the category, Charlotte Marnoch.

For the highest kite, Patrick Smith won a $50 gift certificate from AL Thompson’s, while the child winner in the category Yaser Watler was awarded a helicopter ride.

First kite up in the adult section went to Patrick Smith, along with a half hour wave runner ride from Red Sail Sports. And for the youngsters, Aydeji Arumala won a $100 starter account at CNB.

Adult Kate Marnoch won two tickets for a Jolly Roger sunset cruise for the most unique kite and Kyle Jackson won an Atlantis Submarine dive.

The oldest and youngest participants were also recognised on the day. These awards went to Doug Marnoch and three-year-old Zion Bodden, who took home the prize for the youngest flier.

Mr. Hayle said, ‘This year’s Kite Extravaganza was a great success. We were particularly pleased with the corporate support we received from the business community.’