Fingers at the ready

It seems all those hefty phone bills due to endless texting to friends aren’t for nothing.

Actually, by taking part in the next – and last – round of the Cayman’s Fastest Texter competition currently being hosted by Z99, Digicel and, dexterity on the cell phone’s keypad will send a winner on a free trip to Tampa.

The third and final qualifying round for the competition is being held tonight at Stingers bar on West Bay Road from 5.30pm to 7.30pm.

The four fastest times from each qualifying ‘texter’ will determine who moves on to the finals at Aqua Beach on 19 June. A special ring is constructed for each texting event, called the Digicel Textagon, which is kitted out with fog machines and lighting effects to heighten the pressure on the night.

The lucky winner will receive a free trip for two to the Hard Rock Seminole Hotel and Casino in Tampa, Florida.

Jason Howard, co-host of the Morning Show on Z99, and the host of each texting event, has been impressed with the competition so far.

‘Our first week we had 25 people text off in the Textagon and 18 people last week,’ said Mr. Howard. ‘There’s some real talent out there. We know there’s a lot of competition in the young teenagers out there so to keep it fair we made it just open to people aged 18 and over.’

The idea for the competition came out of the success of similar contests around the world.

‘We had done it back home and there have been big championships all over the world for texting,’ said Mr. Howard, who hails from the US. ‘We knew it would be a perfect for here as everyone texts.’