Horizons off passenger lists

The Cayman company that produces Horizons magazine for Cayman Airways will do so no longer.

A US-based magazine company will take over production of the in-flight magazine.

Other publishing companies on Island put in bids for the publication, including Cayman Free Press.

‘We were obviously disappointed we didn’t get the contract with Cayman Airways, but we believed another publishing house on Island was awarded the job. We were shocked when a foreign-based publication working on CAL’s behalf began approaching some of our journalists to write for the magazine; the same talent base we would have drawn from to develop a top-notch in-flight magazine for CAL,’ said CFP Editor Tammie C. Chisholm.

A Cayman Airways’ representative said the national airline expects a revenue increase from the new publication.

The spokesperson said the US company will use a Cayman-based company to manage local sales and advertising and will use writers in the Cayman Islands.

The US-based company has been e-mailing reporters from various publications in the Cayman Islands, including Cayman Free Press, asking if they will freelance for the new Cayman Airways in-flight magazine, although to do so would fall outside some employees’ work permit and employment contract conditions.

One of these e-mails from 21 May, begins, ‘I’m seeking Cayman Islands-based writers for a new version of Cayman Airways’ in-flight magazine. We’re hoping to assign stories in the next week . . .’

CAL said it could not comment any further at this time.

A letter went out to clients of Cogent Communications Ltd., which published Horizons, this week explaining the situation.

Sherry Robinson, managing director of Cogent Communications Group Ltd. and managing editor of Horizons magazine said in the letter that the upcoming July/August issue will be their final publication on board Cayman Airways as well as their many distribution outlets around the Island.

A statement from Ms Robinson said, ‘It is very sad to see a beloved publication such as Horizons magazine come to an end after 27 years. We have been proud to produce, design and manage all facets of the magazine since Hurricane Ivan destroyed the offices of the original publishers, Progressive Publications.

‘We have consistently sought to improve the quality of the magazine and continue to have nothing but the most positive feedback from clients up to and including our current issue.

‘Our advertisers and the numerous Caymanian cultural institutions, non-profit associations and other business and editorial contributors that we deal with are understandably expressing their shock at this announcement,’ Ms Robinson added. ‘However, without the Cayman Airways contract and due to the present economy we have had to make the difficult decision to cease publication.’

She thanked all the magazine’s valued clients for their patronage over the many years of publication.

‘We hope they feel, as we do, that Horizons magazine made a significant contribution to the marketing and promotion of our beautiful Cayman Islands. We have enjoyed being a part of your life and having the opportunity to bring your unique stories and business achievements to our readership.’