Poll: Getting off grey list a priority

Getting the Cayman Islands off the OECD grey list should be the top priority of the government after the 20 May elections in the opinions of the largest segment of respondents to the most recent caycompass.com online poll.

Of the 763 votes in the two-week poll that began before the election, 288 people (37.7 per cent) thought getting Cayman off the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development grey list should be the newly elected government’s first order of business.

‘Everything will be affected by that, so it is most important,’ said one respondent.

‘If Cayman doesn’t get off the grey list very soon, the financial problems that will occur will make the current recession look like a walk in the park,’ said someone else.

‘Getting off the OECD grey list because it is a short-term issue,’ said another person. ‘Education and crime are longer term priorities.’

The second largest segment of respondents – 150 people or 19.7 per cent – said lowering consumer prices should be the new government’s top priority. Another 140 respondents (18.3 per cent) said decreasing crime should be the first thing the government tackled.

‘We have seen an increase in crime on the Island and I feel that this should be the first priority for the new Government to address,’ said one person. ‘If not addressed promptly, we will see this disease spreading to include violence on our visitors to the Island and could have a very far-reaching impact on our delicate tourism product.

‘Being in a safe environment has always been one of our major marketing tools when promoting Cayman and trying to lure visitors here. ‘

Getting more tourism should be the top priority of government in the minds of 90 respondents (11.8 per cent).

‘Under the current economic drought, I believe we should focus on tourism,’ said one person. ‘If prices are more affordable, maybe the numbers will rise. This would help the economy.’

Only 54 people (7.1 per cent) thought education should be the top priority of the new government.

‘Children are our future,’ said one person.

Another 41 people (5.4 per cent) said other things should be the top priority of the government after the elections.

Dealing with Mount Trashmore – as the George Town Landfill is often called – received a number of votes. Abolishing the rollover policy and making sure Caymanians are given first chance at jobs for which they were qualified both received multiple votes.

Other actions receiving votes included: reducing divisiveness; implementing a minimum wage and developing a long-term energy plan.