Nightclub Crime down

There has been a drop in violence and other crime outside the Next Level nightclub since security was stepped up and better lightening installed earlier this year.

‘Overall, this quarter has been very quiet,’ license holder Christian Sorensen told a Liquor Licensing Board meeting Thursday.

The new security measures were put in place after a surge of violent attacks earlier this year in a car park behind the club and the adjacent Triple Crown Pub.

In one incident in February, a 24-year-old Swiss visitor suffered serious injuries after he was set upon by two men armed with a baseball bat.

Liquor Licensing Inspector Ernesto Carter agreed there had been quite a bit of improvement at the venue.

He said the worst incident that had happened during the past three months was when there was a scuffle between security guards and some men who had been evicted from the club on suspicion of smoking ganja.

‘Security is tight,’ Mr. Carter said.

Durty Reid’s returns

In other developments Thursday, iconic watering hole Durty Reid’s is poised to find a new home at the old site of Brent Greene’s nursery, next to the Cayman Islands Brewery site.

The board approved licensee Reid Dennis moving his liquor license to the new spot, at 362 Shamrock Rd. and for the licence being transferred to wife, Dorothy McCoy-Dennis.

Durty Reid’s was booted from its home of 17 years, at the Red Bay Plaza, in mid 2007, to make way for the building of the East West Arterial.

It reopened its doors at the café at Pedro St James a few months later but struggled to attract customers, and left the café in late 2008 owing money to the government for rent and utilities.

Other booze news

The board also granted a new liquor license to a company planning to operate luxury boat cruises around Cayman’s waters.

Jane van der Bol of Cayman Elusion, said the license was for a 42 foot boat, which she envisaged taking passengers for half and full day trips.

Also coming before the board Thursday was Tortuga Rum Chief Robert Hamaty, who was successful with an application to have an existing liquor license moved to the Jack and Jill building, on Fort Street, George Town. Mr. Hamaty also succeeded in having the license varied so he can sell to all customers, rather than only duty free ones.

But the board knocked back Mr. Hamaty’s request for earlier opening hours for his store at the Royal Watler Terminal. Mr. Hamaty had said he wanted to open an hour earlier to cash in on cruise ship passengers that come ashore before the mandated opening time of 9am.

‘It’s revenue to the government and it’s a service to the cruise passengers,’ Mr. Hamaty said. But the board clearly didn’t agree, refusing the application after deliberations.

Board Chair Mitchell Welds closed the quarterly meeting by giving a vote of thanks to board executive secretary Marva Scott, whose professionalism and work ethic he praised.

‘She is very busy at this time of year with all the renewals coming in, so I just wanted to thank her,’ Mr. Welds said.