Squally weather in forecast

As of Monday afternoon, the National Hurricane Centre in Miami did not believe an area disturbed weather in the southwest Caribbean would develop into a tropical cyclone through Wednesday afternoon.

However, the weather system is expected to bring some much needed rain to the Cayman area, according to Cayman forecaster Allan Ebanks.

‘We’re not expecting a whole heap; just enough to keep the ground wet,’ he said. ‘Our rainfall models are showing that the majority of the rain will be east of here.’

Mr. Ebanks said it was still a good idea for Cayman residents to carry their umbrellas when heading outdoors.

Cayman’s National Weather Service’s five day forecast called for party cloudy to cloudy conditions through Friday, with scattered thunder showers.

Mr. Ebanks said a tropical wave was supposed to make its way through the Cayman area on Thursday, which could bring a slight increase to the shower activity.

The biggest hindrance to development of the area of disturbed weather to the south of Cayman is strong mid-level winds.

‘Without the shear on that system, we could have a different story,’ said Mr. Ebanks.

Partially because of the weather disturbance to the south and partially because of an area of high pressure to the north, conditions will remain breezy in Cayman with winds 10 to 15 knots and higher gusts through Friday. As a result, seas will be moderately rough, with waves three to five feet.