Appleby seeks to award legal scholarships

The Appleby scholarship has been established since the inception of the Cayman Islands Law School and is valued up to US$30,000 per annum.

A recent press release states the Appleby scholarship provides a great opportunity for any Caymanian wishing to study law. Successful candidates receive financial support for all tuition related expenses and a living allowance throughout their studies.

The release states Appleby is committed not only to providing scholarships but to also training those dedicated to a legal career afterwards. Many scholarship students, after completing their degree are offered an articled clerk position and partake in an 18 month structured training programme before qualifying as a lawyer.

The Cayman office has numerous scholarship recipients now working as associates within the firm including Caroline McCann, Andre Ebanks, Chanda Glidden, Christine Bodden and Charmaine Richter.

Ms Richter is the most recent scholarship recipient and articled clerk to be called to the Cayman Bar.

‘Appleby’s guidance and support throughout my studies has been invaluable. Their scholarship programme has given me far more than just financial support,’ she said.

‘I was very pleased when they invited me to complete my articles with Appleby as it gave me the opportunity to work with many of the partners and associates in the Cayman office. This made my transition to an associate role much less daunting. I am proud to be an associate with the firm that supported me throughout my studies.’

Current scholarship recipients studying at the Cayman Islands Law School include Jessica Kong, Desiree Sampang and Andrew Jackson. Others have chosen to study at UK universities, including Liesl Richter at the University of Exeter, Adishree Mani at the University of the West of England and Terry-Ann Arch at the BPP Law School. Selina Cornelssen is studying at Bond University in Australia.

The success of the Appleby legal scholarship spans across the globe with numerous examples of recipients who are now partners within the Group. Globally, Peter Bubenzer, the Group’s global managing partner and Shaun Morris, Bermuda’s managing partner also benefited from the scholarship. In the Cayman office, partners Bryan Hunter and Nick Joseph both began their legal careers with the assistance of Appleby’s scholarship programme.

‘We are committed to retaining talented professionals and trust that those who are successful will continue to work with us throughout their career,’ said Huw Moses, Cayman’s managing partner.

‘We urge students to plan ahead when applying for scholarships. We are keen to provide students with scholarships from their first year at university rather than when they are due to commence their Professional Practice Course.’

The deadline for scholarship applications has been extended until 19 June 2009. For further information, please visit, or contact Christine Grizzel, Human Resources Manager, Appleby, Cayman at 814 2003 or [email protected]