Coin fest makes real change to tip balance

Cayman Islands women’s rugby team is going on tour soon and to help raise funds they attended a Change for Sport event at Rackams on the Water.

The event raised money for the team to travel to the Caribbean Championships in Barbados from June 21-27.

The fundraiser had all 40 team members separating and calculating coins by the public, with half of the total collected towards a food and beverage tab at Rackams and the other half donated to the team.

Cayman National Bank and Heineken sponsored the event which generated over $1,000 in change ear marked for the team. The donations will help fund flights, hotel, and transport for the 24 players, two coaches, doctor and tour manager participating in the event.

The Cayman Islands women’s rugby team was founded in 2000 and tours approximately four times a year including both North American and West Indies 7s tournaments in the US and Jamaica and the Caribbean Championships.

Scott McLean of Plan B Marketing who assisted in the event said: ‘While sorting the coins the team members noticed the diversity of foreign coins mixed in the donations. The assortment coins represented how remarkably international Grand Cayman really is.

‘We are extremely pleased at the support shown by the public as well as by Rackhams, Cayman National and Plan B.’ T

Team member Anne Storie said: ‘This event is critical to the development of our team and to women’s rugby in the Cayman Islands.’

The team is comprised of experienced players as well as new players which is a great step in its continued development.

McLean added: ‘I felt sorry for the poor bank teller that had the unfortunate task of receiving the deposit on Monday.’

The next big fundraiser for the Women’s Rugby Team will be the Mini-Olympics…with a Twist on Saturday, June 13 at Rackams. Any interested parties should contact Shelly Cox at [email protected].