Kids love bulletman

Many parents and teachers from Savannah and Prospect Primary Schools were impressed with the response to the FAST Cats seminars children attended.

There were four FAST Children’s Assertiveness Training Stress sessions given last time the seminars were held a few weeks ago.

Alexia Walters Reid is a school counsellor at North Side and Prospect Primary and watched the kids face the bulletmen.

‘The feedback that I got from the children that participated in FAST Cats and from what I witnessed was that they thoroughly enjoyed themselves,’ said Walters Reid. ‘They’d love to get more practice. It gave them more self confidence which has affected all aspects of their lives not just in regards to bullying.

‘Most of the children who participated were mainly chosen as part of our preventative approach to bullying, the rest would have been chosen to teach what effect bullying has on others.

‘I believe the programme empowered all of the students who participated according to their need.

‘It would be beneficial to have students attend other related courses so that the experience becomes even more effective and something that becomes normal practice in their lives.

‘FAST Cats is a programme that I would recommend to other schools, especially for those children who are experiencing some form of bullying at school or at home.’

  • Bob Daigle is organising more FAST Defense seminars for children and adults, from June 25. Contact Bob on 925-6946 or [email protected].