Habitat for Humanity discontinued

The non-profit organisation acting as Habitat for Humanity recently ceased operations in the Cayman Islands under that name.

According to Chairman of the newly-coined Cayman Community Housing, Terry Watling, the Head Office of HFH has decided to discontinue their Caribbean and Central American operations.

Mr. Watling said this was a result of the parent company not wanting to spread itself too thin.

‘They want to focus on abjectly dire circumstances now,’ he explained, adding that HFH would only return to Cayman for disaster relief.

A year ago, Habitat for Humanity asked their branch in the Cayman Islands to discontinue use of the HFH logo, in addition to ceasing activity with relation to fundraising, and starting new projects.

‘It was a unilateral decision from the head office,’ said Mr. Watling

He continued to say there were notable strides made under still the HFR banner, citing homes that were provided for two single parents in the West Bay District.

It will take some time for the new entity to get going.

‘Cayman Community Housing has a long way to go before a project can be done, as much time is consumed waiting for licences and then raising funds, branding, etcetera, Mr. Watling said.

He admitted disappointment about the disbandment with HFH but said he thought the change would leave his organisation in a better position, as the micromanagement style of the former umbrella company was not the most compatible for Cayman.