Triple C students get taste of offshore

Not only is Anthony Travers, Chairman of CIFSA, traveling to educate the bureaucrats and politicians in Washington, D.C. he is also sharing his vast knowledge with Cayman’s budding businessmen and politicians.


Mr. Travers

A press release states Mr. Travers recently made a presentation to the 11th and 12th graders of Triple C School where he explained the origin of Cayman’s offshore financial status and the detrimental practice of secrecy in the early days. He also explained how money flows from one country through another to be invested globally, and what Cayman has done to meet the requirements of the various countries involved.

In his presentation, Mr. Travers said he felt that Cayman was being singled out and vilified, and the treaties and agreements somewhat ignored as the U.S. in particular bears down on offshore financial centers to correct some of its financial woes.

The release states Mr. Travers explained how Cayman’s position as a financial center impacts just about every person on the island. It states students were rapt in their attention to the presentation and stayed for the completion of the presentation even though it was past dismissal time

‘It was an outstanding presentation. The students were engaged, and asked relevant questions. There is no doubt they received an education that they would never have received in regular classes,’ said Marjorie Ebanks, Guidance Counselor at the school.

‘Mr. Travers proved to be a skilled teacher as well as a highly knowledgeable communicator. The time was just too short.’