Virtualisation Technology Expo Wednesday

Kirk Information Solutions & Services Citrix Systems and Hewlett Packard are hosting a Virtualization Technology Expo at the Wharf Restaurant on the afternoon of June 17th.

This event will provide public and private sector organizations with the opportunity to discover how they can leverage Citrix and HP virtualization technologies to dramatically reduce the cost of their IT Infrastructure, while providing the business with the versatility to respond to the changing needs of the market.

Rob Eyers, responsible for enterprise business development, said Kirk iSS has been helping clients virtualise their IT Infrastructure since early 2005.

‘Virtualization technology provides IT Departments with a way to better utilise computing resources by allowing computing and storage capacity to be shared by various applications or users,’ he said. ‘By enabling expensive IT resources to be shared, we not only allow organizations to reduce their capital investment in server and desktop infrastructure, but we also provide them with the tools to lower the cost of managing and supporting that infrastructure.’

Monica Czorny, responsible for new business development at Kirk iSS, said: ‘End-to-End Virtualization introduces a high degree of flexibility to the business that would not exist for those using a non-virtualized computing model.

‘For example, IT departments rolling out a new application to their end-users would typically go through the time-consuming exercise of going from machine to machine installing the client application, whereas organizations leveraging application virtualization technology would install the client application once and make it immediately available to all the users.’

In addition to receiving presentations from both Citrix and HP, attendees of the Expo will also have the opportunity to experience the latest in virtualization technology first-hand at the on-site lab provided by Kirk iSS.

To reserve a place at this event, email Kirk iSS at [email protected] or call 623-4730.