Police warn of email scam

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service warns residents to be on their guard against a number of emails in circulation purporting to be from legal chambers in the UK.

Police said the emails claim to be from legal representatives and inform the recipient they may be related to a deceased person who has left a substantial amount of money unclaimed.

In one case, the scam artists are using the genuine identity of Mr Jonathon Grace of Counsel.

The legitimate law firm has issued the following warning:

‘FRAUDULENT E-MAILS REGARDING MR JONATHAN GRACE OF COUNSEL* It has come to our attention that the identity of Mr Jonathan Grace of Counsel is being used in an e-mail scam, through which undesirables are attempting to extort money through offerings of fictional windfalls and inheritances.

‘Some of the scam e-mails have been cleverly created so that they appear to come from Mr Jonathan Grace at [email protected]. However, they do not originate from Deans Court Chambers and have been sent without the knowledge or authorisation of Mr Jonathan Grace.’

Other emails in circulation claim to come from Solomon Martins Law Chambers.

If you have received an e-mail which talks of inheritances or windfalls, you are urged to ignore it and delete it immediately.