Art exhibition features young Caymanian

A budding young Caymanian artist will be headlining Butterfield Bank’s latest exhibition at its George Town headquarters.

The exhibition, ‘we are only young once…’ by Alejandro Angel Jr., is the third show featured at the art exhibition area at Butterfield Place.

The exhibition consists of a collection of drawings in graphite that depict flora, fauna and the human form. Alejandro’s ability to create carefully-crafted works is highlighted in his intricate drawings and acute attention to detail. Teenage preoccupations of love and beauty are also on display, as are drawings that demonstrate Alejandro’s love of nature.

‘A lot of inspiration comes from the random things I see around me,” comments Alejandro. ‘Sometimes my emotions, or just basic everyday teenage life’.

Graphite pencils are Alejandro’s preferred choice of medium. ‘I have great respect for all media however, in my very first art class, graphite pencils were the medium at the time and I just felt so comfortable with it, that I continue to use it.’

Alejandro is eighteen years old. He was educated at First Baptist Christian School where he received his first art lesson from Mrs. Kay Carrig, who he says was instrumental in his early development. Upon graduating from middle school, he then attended Triple C School for the duration of his education and his talent for art blossomed during this time.

‘At Butterfield, we feel some of the most meaningful work we do in the community revolves around our work with Cayman’s youth,” states Butterfield Deputy Managing Director Mike McWatt. “Further, we have a high involvement in the artistic community – from exhibitions to art education enrichment in the schools. And so it is a delight for us to be able to combine those two very important aspects of the community with this one exhibition.”

Butterfield also utilised the opportunity of the opening to introduce its upcoming youth savings initiative, the Young Savers savings account.

“We hope young savers will empower student-aged members of the community to save and manage their own money,” he remarked. “With the world in unsettling financial times, it provides peace of mind to educate our youth about the importance of managing money.”

According to Alejandro, it takes a great deal of self-motivation and determination to keep creating and he is grateful for the continued encouragement from family and his teachers. It is his plan to attend art school in the near future. In order to do so, a student must submit a portfolio of work. Hopefully, the work exhibited at Butterfield will go a long way to helping Alejandro achieve his goals.

‘We are only young once…’, which is open to customers and members of the public; opened on Thursday, 4 June 2009 and will run until August in the Butterfield Place 2nd floor art gallery.