Customer Service

As a proud Caymanian, I, too, can’t help to feel embarrassed when I see poor customer service rendered at a lot of establishments on our islands, be it in stores, supermarkets, gas stations, restaurants, bars, offices, the airport and many other places.

Poor customer service is unacceptable.

As a patron, one would expect to receive quality service while visiting an establishment and for too many of us, we don’t get that. I am glad to see that the Chamber of Commerce offers a customer service course, but I am unaware as to how many establishments use the opportunity to better their employees in this crucial area.

However, having said that, I need to make public that this situation does not apply to all establishments. One such establishment that needs to have some public recognition for good quality customer service is British American Insurance, and in particular two of its employees – Janet and Beth.

Congratulations to you two for providing the ‘good ole’ Caymanian courtesy and efficiency when you deal with customers. Please keep this up and continue to be role models for all employees to emulate; a job well done!

Leonard Bodden