Taxi price gouging

I write in response to the letter from the woman who was made to pay more for her taxi ride from the airport than the amount quoted at the airport taxi stand.

What is the Department of Tourism doing about price gouging by taxi drivers of the tourists traveling to and from the airport and also around the island? Third-world countries are allowed by their sorry governments to rob, pillage, and mug their tourists; the Cayman Islands must do better.

These taxi drivers don’t care about destroying our tourist industry and good name in front of the tourists. It’s so embarrassing and a bad first impression.

The tourism minister must get involved with this problem and find a resolution.

Either the taxi drivers abide by the price quoted at the airport booth, which I believe is correct, or government enforces a law that the taxi drivers must install meters in their vehicles to avoid price gouging and mugging.

We can’t have this kind of thing going on.

John Smith, Texas