Keeping your weight loss groove

What is this ‘groove?’ you may ask. You know what it is. The groove is the zest, motivation, mojo, purpose and fueling desire behind your reason for doing something, like losing weight. The groove is also the very daily practices that will bring about successful results, like keeping the groove going with your exercise plans.

When it seems to take forever to get to your desired weight, you also may begin to lose your groove. Realise that it has taken time to put the weight on; it will take time to take it off. Practice patience, but push forth with determination. When you get bored and know you are losing your groove, set a higher standard and goal; keep challenging the lazy, can’t be bothered, I’m too tired attitude.

It is important to maintain that sense of newness and the initial excitement of beginning a plan to lose weight. Keeping your commitment can be somewhat more challenging. Here are some brief guidelines from Lifestyles to help get and keep your weight-loss groove, to stay motivated.

*Get support rather than going it alone;

*Keep a picture in your mind of your goal;

*Determine your goals: Desirable weight, clothing size, style of dress, level of fitness and growth in self-confidence;

*Revisit this image many times;

*Be accountable to another person for weight checks;

*Take steps daily towards your goals…take a walk, drink water, portion your food;

*Know the factors that bring discouragement to you such as a pattern of slow weight loss;

*Cultivate an attitude of belief in yourself that you can lose weight and keep it off;

*Be bold and optimistic. After all, look at what happened to the walls of Jericho.

There is support available in groups, consultants and health-minded professionals, but a key in my personal life-long weight maintenance is to have become self-motivated and in the groove of staying healthy.

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