Balancing Act: Health & Wealth

Research has shown that your health is impacted by the way you live your life, and that likewise your ability to live a rich and rewarding life is impacted by your health.

Balance your life

Give yourself a present and balance your life.

Most illnesses, including cancer and heart disease may have a stress and lifestyle relation. This is all well known information, yet in today’s financial market and employment industry many people are forced to work longer hours and take on greater tasks to prove their worth to stay employed, at times sacrificing activities essential to good health and family relations. The answer to maintaining your health while gaining your wealth is balance.

To create balance, start by reviewing the following essential components: Goals, Values, Priorities, Organization, Attitude and Perception.

Goals and Values: Be clear about your goals, plans, and values. Goals are either short term, or long term and generally deal with the desire to change or improve a part of your lifestyle for your health, wealth, or overall happiness. Plans are the specific, measurable, action based methods that are realistic and time orientated. Values guide your journey. Prioritize your life into daily goals, short term milestones, and long term projections, for both family and career. Without a goal and a plan to accomplish it within a time period, it is very difficult to see change and achieve consistent accomplishments. For example take a moment now and think of one changeable item in your lifestyle that with improvement would have a positive affect on your wealth, health, or happiness. Make a plan and get started!

Prioritize responsibilities. Every lengthy ‘to-do list’ can be numbered into essential completion dates to avoid putting out future fires. Find other people in your life to help you get to where you want to go, and delegate to save emotional and physical energy. Give specific advice as to how you would like the item to be completed and then let go to let the person help. Perhaps you take on more than you need to each day and it is time to reshuffle and free up some time for yourself. If you cannot reduce your list, then prioritize and include essentials such as packed meals, water, and exercise to keep yourself strong to accomplish your daily list yet still remain healthy and energetic.

Organize your time. Where do the hours go when deadlines such as work time and dinner time approaches? It seems today that we are squeezing out every minute of the day, from emails, to shopping, to running children around to events, to work, and finally to the gym and the grocery store. Stop. Break down what you need to accomplish, label each with a priority and give it a time to get done. Use short cuts by clumping together similar items like grocery store and pharmacy items or gym and lunch pick up. Use ‘wasted’ hours when you are typically waiting around, to make and review lists so that it all gets done and done items get ticked off. Lists are a great way to get organized and not forget essential items. You can also make a list for exercises in the gym and lists for food shopping- the time it takes to make decisions will decrease if you have a list to follow.

Attitude and Perception: View ‘stress’ as and opportunity not a crisis. All too often life will throw you that serious curve ball, and it is the way that you respond that will have the greatest mark on your health and possibly on the overall resolution. Just change your mind about how you plan to handle situations that could be seen as negative, or that may start out badly. Find the good in each situation as it sure makes the potential struggle more fun, rewarding, and improves the chances for success with your health, wealth and happiness.