Anyone’s game

Last season was a great and unpredictable one in women’s flag football.

In spite of the influence of the Hellcats men’s team the DMS Hell Kittens fizzled out during the inaugural season.

Walkers Wonders marched through the season undefeated and all but wrapped up a title.

However in the final they would meet the Hammerhead Lady Pirates, who came on strong at the right time and stole victory away from the heavy favourites.

This year anything can happen as the landscape is vastly different in the Zulu’s Women’s Flag Football League.

Notable figures from both the Walkers and Lady Pirates team have gone on to other clubs and two new teams are on the scene.

Things look especially chaotic for the Lady Pirates. Coach Brendon Malice decided to leave the team and form a new squad. In so doing he also brought over his coaches and a few star players like Lisa Malice.

Walkers meanwhile see defensive presence Dionne Anglin leave the club.

Nevertheless a number of stars are staying put. Hammerheads still boast QB Ali Amos and star receiver Christina Bisnauth. Walkers still have QB Jordana Clarke and wide receiver Krishan Welcome.

The new teams will make a big impact on the scene and decide who comes out on top this year.

Walkers and Hammerheads for sure are not guaranteed a slot in the final and the door is open for any of the other teams to win it this year.

Among those sides that could nab the trophy this year are DMS under QB Lisa Juaneza and two way star players Shari Seymour and Danielle Gibson.