Election expense reports due

Candidates in the 20 May General Elections must file expense reports by the end of this week.

The reporting form is available for viewing and downloading at the Elections Office website, www.electionsoffice.ky 

The Elections Law requires every candidate, whether successful or not, to file a statement of all payments made or received by or on behalf of the candidate. This return must be delivered to the Supervisor of Elections within 35 days after the date on which the election is declared.

For districts in which the results were declared on Election Day, which was a Wednesday, the deadline is Thursday, 25 June. These districts are North Side, East End, Cayman Brac & Little Cayman and Bodden Town.

For districts in which the results were declared after midnight (that is, early Thursday), the deadline is Friday, 26 June. These districts are West Bay and George Town.

Deputy Supervisor of Elections Colford Scott explained that the extra day in both cases is because the Queen’s Birthday holiday, celebrated 15 June, does not count as one of the 35 days.

For candidates who were elected, failing to comply with the reporting requirement means that he or she shall not sit or vote in the Legislative Assembly until the return and declaration have been delivered to the Supervisor of Elections.

The Elections Law does not contain a penalty for an unsuccessful candidate’s failure to comply.

The candidate’s return must be supported by a declaration that it accurately sets out all payments made by the candidate and, to the best of his or her knowledge and belief, all transactions conducted on the candidate’s behalf.

Revenue includes contributions of money as well as good and services. Names of donors must be listed for contributions over the value of $5,000.

Expenditure includes personnel salaries, wages and fees; radio and TV advertising; poster, printed material, website and e-mail promotions; rallies and events; office expenses, including professional services.