New route but a familiar podium

The Cayman Islands Cycling Association hosted a new race last week, with cyclists competing in a time trial through the Eastern Districts.

The event started in front of the fire station on Frank Sound road, with the route taking participants through East End and along the Queen’s Highway back to the finish line at the fire station.

Bill Edwards was the early leader, and held the best time until he was supplanted by Steve Abbott.

Not a dominant time trialist, Abbott’s time stood for a while until Gary Clarke crossed the line. However, Clarke’s time lasted only four seconds before he was knocked off the top step of the podium by Brian Chin Yee.

From reports out on the course it seemed that it was going to be very close between Michael Stomps and Jerome Ameline for the win, with both cyclists flying past their competitors.

Stomps crossed the line in 44 minutes 17 seconds, and as Ameline crossed the line it was too close to call. However, when all the calculations were done, Ameline had claimed it by a mere six seconds to hang onto his title as the dominant time trial rider in Cayman.

In the women’s division it was Lauren Hill who claimed the win, followed by Wendy Freeman. Chris Sutton and son Toby Sutton did their usual double act, with Chris taking the master’s division while Toby claimed the junior division.

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