Honduras did right thing

Honduras, you should be very proud of yourselves.

Venezuela in particular was supporting a move by the president of Honduras to basically take over the country. This has resulted in a crisis pitting the executive branch against the congress and the Supreme Court with the military in the middle.

The president was attempting to place himself in a position whereby he could force a rewriting of the constitution to remove the clause on term limits there by allowing him to remain in office indefinitely. The illegal move toward the ‘cuarta urna’ had created massive unrest across the country and Honduras was heading toward a confrontation, which puts at risk the representational democracy on which this country stands.

Contrary to news reports this was NO! military coup nor conspiracy. This was two branches of government (supreme court and congress) moving to oust a president that was abusing his power and flaunting the law.

Honduras saw the president’s actions as an overt and aggressive attempt to install a Chavez style dictatorship in Honduras and have rejected that attempt in a lawful manner that resulted in the president’s removal from office.

Hugo Chavez is an egomaniac that has attempted to spread his left wing dictatorship philosophy to many countries. He thought that he had obtained a foothold in Central America by way of Honduras. He was wrong.

The events of the last few weeks have shown me that my faith in Honduras and its people is not in vain. Honduras, you should be very proud of yourselves.

Sean Bodden

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