Report police offences immediately

I seriously doubt that officers would use sirens to beat traffic to get to Wendy’s.

Many persons who are sceptical of police actions make negative assumptions, which can be far from the truth.

Citizens do have a responsibility to hold their public officers to account. In this case, if someone has a concern about the actions of members of the police service, do something about it then. Get the number of the police car and make a report; demand to know why two police officers in a marked police car used there emergency status to get to Wendy’s.

You may be educated by the answer. If it turns out that your concerns were justified, no one would be more concerned about it than their supervisors. I can assure you that the RCIPS will discipline those officers appropriately and the public will be better off for it. There is no rule that gives officers the right to abuse general traffic laws, therefore they would not have been representing the RCIPS but merely breaking the law.

The writer is correct to be concerned about safety and to expect professional behaviour from her police officers. I commend you for writing about it and even signing your name; very responsible. But you need to act at the time so that the RCIPS can do something about it.

Police officers misbehaving are no different from other activity of which the general public is aware. The RCIPS cannot do much about it if we do not exercise our responsibility and act on it. Call 911, or TIPS. Remain anonymous if you must, but please, do something then!

Patrick Beersingh

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