Ministers shouldn’t hire, fire

Under the headline ‘Education Ministry reviews staff’ the minister says that his ministry has too much staff and he is looking to cut it almost in half, and then in typical UDP style he goes on to blame the previous Minister for the cuts by accusing him of having too much staff during his time.

Well, I hope he does not think he is fooling the Cayman people with those ridiculous remarks.

Firstly, Alden McLaughlin’s portfolio was far LARGER than the present Minister’s, as Alden was responsible for education, training, employment, youth, sports and culture. I am not sure of the present Minister’s responsibilities, but I am pretty sure it is far less than that, and therefore his ministry’s staff should AUTOMATICALLY be less.

Secondly, and far more importantly in a DEMOCRACY, and I stand to be corrected but it is my understanding that the Minister does not, or SHOULD not have anything to do with employment of staff in his ministry, unless of course you belong to the UPD or a dictatorship. Even though we know that chief officers are generally changed after elections, I believe that it is very dangerous for a Minister to get involved in the process of hiring and firing of the staff in his/her ministry, very dangerous for reasons we all know.

I suppose the blame game will go on for the next four years, and the excuses will continue, but that is to be expected, as that has been the track record of the UDP and its leadership, but I would hope that the untruths and fairytales will eventually stop.

Chris Wight

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